Even in an age of multimedia, your organization’s reputation still hinges on language: how you promote your products and services, how you communicate with your stakeholders, how you forge agreements with partners, and how you work with your own staff all depend on the written and spoken word.

Professional writing is about more than correcting spelling and grammar; it’s about clarifying your message and making your ideas shine, which can be critical to your organization’s success.

At Interplay Creative Media, our writers are professionals: real writers who have dedicated their careers to honing their craft, who have learned to write with clarity and without jargon, and who know the rules—and when to bend them just enough to make your message stand out. We also underscore our professionalism through Interplay’s process for creative writing, which ensures a high level of quality and rapid turnaround.

We have experience in writing for public- and private-sector organizations of all sizes, for readerships and audiences ranging from the local to the national scale. Our writing products include:

  • Speeches, speaking notes and presentations
  • Web content
  • Reports
  • Media lines, Qs and As, key messages, news releases and backgrounders
  • Internal communications products
  • Editing

Interplay also offers workshops for organizations that want to develop their writing capacity.

Find out more about what professional writers can do for you – or contact us today for a no-fee consultation to discuss how your organization can better express itself through clear and persuasive writing.