Plan Communications for Business Results

If the answer to a business problem is people, then the answer is also communications.

If those people knew more about you and your organization, would you be closer to your goals? What about their feelings, and their actions? Do they feel good about you, even ready to help? If they’re unhappy, what would their actions mean for your success?

Communications strategy is a step-by-step approach to solving these business problems so you can deliver the results you need. Strategy sets a goal, and lays out the communications objectives that need to be met for each audience, or stakeholder group.

Companies face any number of challenges. Employees, customers, suppliers, investors, regulators – if they’re part of your plan for success, you need to think about the relationship you have with them now, and the one that you should have to win their support.

In the world of ideas, and public policy-making, the challenges remain the same. How will you build awareness of your research? How will your advocacy win support for your innovative solution?

A solid communications strategy can be critical to your work by enabling you to connect specific audiences, messages and delivery mechanisms.

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