What Can Professional Writers Do for You?

Why hire writers when you can already write? Surely there’s nothing more to good communication than having correct spelling and grammar?

Regrettably, that attitude costs businesses a lot of money: vague or confusing claims about their products and services can alienate customers, while technical jargon may make clients feel they’re working with the wrong people in your organization. Tags and slogans that sound good to an industry expert might sound awkward to the public. And yes, more than one company has fallen because of poor spelling and grammar.

At Interplay Creative Media, our writers aim to use language incisively to inform and persuade on your behalf; here are a few ways that we can make a real difference to how your organization projects itself.

1. The targeted message

Marketing language is more than getting grammar and spelling right; it’s a rhetorical approach that’s been in constant development since the Sophists of ancient Greece—and probably earlier. And while the ancients don’t intrude much on the way we write websites and ad copy today, professional writers must continually hone the tools of persuasion: targeting your readers’ interests and relating your ideas to them, while keeping language fresh and avoiding cliché.

2. The fresh perspective

If you’re dedicated to your business, you and your colleagues have likely become experts in the design and development of your products and services—but what if nobody outside your group seems to relate to your vision?

It’s easy for dedicated professionals to get attached to the technical details and innovations that matter to them, but not to their customers and clients. At Interplay Creative Media, we consider it our job to relate your enthusiasm to audiences in ways that they can relate to—and in language that they can understand.

3. The pressure valve

Both in the public and private sectors, most large organizations have their own communications shops; whether it’s a sole project officer or a full marketing and communications division, these professionals will experience wildly varying workloads—during major corporate events, reorganizations, new product offerings, IPOs and any incident that brings them into the public eye. At these critical moments, your organization can reach out to Interplay Creative Media for assistance in getting the documentation you need in minimal time.

4. The quality check

Even good writers have blind spots: not merely grammatical errors, but also leaps in logic or argument that can leave a reader confused. That’s why we peer-review our own work—and why all businesses should as well. If you’ve written a document with the intent to persuade, and want your own professionalism to shine through your writing, Interplay Creative Media can help by assessing, proofreading and editing the documents you have prepared.

Contact us today for a no-fee consultation to discuss how your organization can better express itself through clear and persuasive writing.