Individual Coaching

We understand that some people may not have the freedom to put aside a full day, or even four consecutive hours, to work on improving skills. Or oftentimes they deal in sensitive information that can’t be shared with a group.

That’s why we offer individual coaching that’s tuned to your needs, and your availability. We will work with you and, if you wish, your staff to understand the issues and concerns that you face, then quickly design a coaching session to meet those needs. It’s often the best approach for:

  • Busy executives who manage large accounts and important prospective clients
  • Finance and investor-relations professionals who must communicate with analysts or reporters
  • Sales professionals who must meet, and present to, new and existing client accounts
  • Pre-sales and technical staff who must present complex or highly technical data to non-technical audiences
  • Managers who must communicate policy, procedures and other corporate communication to employees
  • Human resource managers who lead new-employee orientation sessions, or communicate new benefits and programs to existing employees
  • Project managers who lead and guide kick-off meetings or provide status reports to internal and external clients

We can tailor our training to your exact individual need, and coach you to improve your presentation preparation and delivery. If you like, we can help you build your presentation from the ground up, and rehearse you for a knockout performance.

Need more info?

Contact us today to book a coaching session or learn more about our course offerings, or read more about the Interplay approach to presentation training.