Half-Day Session

If you’re tight on time and want to focus your attention on how to prepare a better presentation, a half-day session may be your best choice. We will help you to understand how to cut down on preparation time for speeches and presentations, and get better results. This session will help you to:

  • Understand your listeners
  • Narrow the focus of your speech
  • Develop persuasive messages
  • Effectively use visual aids
  • Control questions and answers
  • Obtain approval and action

In this short, focused seminar we concentrate on explaining the how and why. This works best for executives, managers and team leaders who are already comfortable in speaking publicly, and want to understand how to tailor their content in order to become more persuasive.

Sample Agenda

Here's how we typically set up a half-day of presentation training for a group of senior executives.

8:30 am: Course introduction

8:50: Presentation challenge discussion

9:25 Part 1: Getting ready

  • Analyzing the communications environment
  • Selecting options for message delivery
  • Organizing information effectively and efficiently

10:15: Break

10:30: Part 2: Delivering the presentation

  • Finding a comfortable style, speaking with confidence, and handling difficult questions
  • Receiving and understanding feedback

11:45: Summary, questions, final takeaways

12:00 pm: End

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