The Interplay Approach to Presentations

Strategic Presentations is a workshop designed for business and public affairs professionals whose speeches and presentations are expected to be excellent in terms of focus, organization, support and delivery.

Through lecture and discussion, oral presentations, professional and self-evaluation (supported by video recording), and peer feedback, this workshop develops your abilities in the following ways:

  • Identify areas of effectiveness and target areas for growth and development in your oral communication skills.
  • Increase your listeners’ perceptions of your credibility by understanding target audiences and preparing with a focus on the needs and concerns of each audience.
  • Design and implement appropriate and powerful visual aids.
  • Improve your speaking confidence through objective evaluation and positive reinforcement.
  • Enhance your effectiveness in all career responsibilities through relevant application of communication strategies.
  • Realistically assess the impact of your communication efforts on other people.

A unique workshop

We take a strategic approach to presentations:

  • Analyze the environment: What is going on in your industry, and your markets, that will affect your audiences? Who are your target audiences? How do they feel about your topic? And about you? With each audience, what is your objective?
  • Consider your options: Is your message best delivered through a presentation, or by some other means? Who should deliver the message? When should the message arrive? Is there a sequence in which your audiences should hear the message? Which audiences need to hear the message first?
  • Select and organize your information: What is the beginning? The middle? The end? What is the benefit for your audience? Do you have too much information? Can you sharpen your focus?
  • Deliver your message: Does your style meet your audience’s expectations? Are you able to speak clearly and confidently? Can you answer any question?
  • Evaluate feedback for continued success: What do colleagues think of your presentation content and your style? Do your audiences find you credible?

Focused on your needs

Participants select topics and focus on audiences that accurately reflect real workplace situations. Realistic presentation styles, visual aid options and audience interaction are encouraged. The structure requires only half-day commitments, allowing more concentration during the workshop both from and on each participant.

The workshop leader is an experienced communication specialist with proven success as a corporate trainer.

We deliver courses and coaching to individuals and groups, for public- and private-sector organizations of all sizes. We’re also comfortable with tailoring course content and structure to individual and group needs—especially when your organization expects to meet a specific challenge in the near future.

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