Interplay's Presentation Training Services

Interplay’s training for presentations and public speaking centres on our Strategic Presentations Model – our five-step approach that ensures presenters deliver what audiences are looking for. To this we add practical exercises that give participants the opportunity to test their ideas and receive constructive feedback from a professional presenter.

  • Half-day Session: Participants learn how to analyze their audiences, key their presentation to a specific situation, and organize their planned remarks for best results. They also gain tips on speaking with confidence, and how to handle difficult questions. This session does not include time to develop and deliver presentations.
  • Full-day Session: Participants cover the strategic presentation model, just as in the half-day session. They deliver a short, easy presentation before developing and delivering a longer presentation targeted to a specific audience. Participants receive constructive feedback from the trainer and their peers, along with a DVD recording of their presentation.
  • Focus on Performance: Delivered as three half-day sessions, this option places a premium on presentation performance with plenty of feedback. In the first half-day session, participants learn the strategic presentation model, and receive their assignments. In the second half-day session, each participant delivers a short presentation and receives constructive feedback. We follow that with a third half-day session focused on participants’ presentations and feedback. Again, participants will receive a DVD recording of their presentations.
  • Individual Coaching: We'll work with you one-on-one to help you improve your performance, and help you build your presentation from the ground up. If you can't break away from work to join a group session, or you'd rather work with your personal presentation trainer, this approach is designed just for you.

Got a large group? The Focus on Performance is the ideal approach. Any number of participants can attend the first half-day session. We’ll divide them into groups of up to six participants for the second and third sessions to ensure each participant receives proper attention and feedback.

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