Media Checklist

Are you about to try to earn some media coverage? You'll be more likely to succeed if you answer yes to all these questions.


  • Does your organization have a media strategy? Without one, your approach will be random rather than planned.
  • Is the media plan discussed as part of the overall communication strategy plan? It should be, so that your communications program elements reinforce each other.
  • Do you regularly review and revise the media plan as your campaign evolves? It’s a dynamic environment. Keep your head up and your hand on the wheel.


  • Do you have a staff person who is responsible for carrying out the media plan and coordinating all the media efforts in your organization? Centralize the execution and ideally the planning.
  • Do you have a planning calendar of key political events? It may be easier to piggy-back your story on someone else’s event rather than to carve out your own space in the media.
  • Have you identified the primary spokesperson? Reporters prefer to deal with one spokesperson. If there are several, they could contradict each other.
  • Does your spokesperson need media training and preparation? The more your spokesperson understands about reporters’ perspectives and methods, the better your chance of success.
  • Have your board and staff prepared a plan for “rapid response” to an opportunity or a crisis that presents itself with little warning? A prepared response is better than no response.
  • Is the chain of decision-making for media statements clearly designated and understood by everyone within the organization? And what happens if the executive who normally signs off on statements is travelling and unavailable? Got a backup?
  • Does your public policy budget have a media component? Influencing policy sometimes moves outside of the government’s briefing rooms. Have you allocated enough resources in case you need to advocate publicly?


  • Are your media lists current? Do you have the names of editors, reporters, or producers for all media outlets you plan to target?
  • Do you know your media targets’ deadlines? Your information needs to reach them before it’s too late. Deadlines are often much earlier than you might think.
  • Do your lists distinguish include journalists who produce features, editorials, and columns, as well as the daily news? There’s more than one way into the media.
  • Are you in regular contact with the editor and reporters you have designated as key contacts?
  • Is your information media ready? You have fact sheets, backgrounders, spokesperson bios, photos? What about video?
  • Do you have accurate, concise, interesting information about your organization -- its mission, history, programs, and services?
  • Is your message clear, and relevant to your target audience?

How did you do?

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