The Refresher

If you haven’t been placed in the spotlight for some time, the experience can be a shock, especially if the issue you’re called on to discuss is new.

Even experienced spokespeople know that they need regular tune-ups—not only to prepare for changing trends in reporting techniques and technology, but also to help identify and counter weaknesses in their delivery.

As a hands-on, heavily interactive session, Interplay’s Refresher Course is designed to help spokespeople revitalize the way they work with media before, during and after interviews.

Participants must have had either some experience in giving media interviews or taken a basic media training course. Building on participants’ previous knowledge of media, the Refresher Course is a combination of reviewing media-relations essentials and participation in realistic scenarios.

We review the art of negotiating favourable interview terms, reducing complex issues into media-friendly key messages and support points, anticipating traps and pitfalls, and managing interviews.

The simulated interviews are highly adaptable to participant needs. We can develop a fictitious scenario, or focus the exercises on a specific media interview opportunity. Practical exercises and drills expose areas for improvement.

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