Advanced Spokesperson Skills

The more time you spend in front of a camera, the easier your media appearances will be. This session maximizes on-camera time so that you can rehearse your messages, improve your technique, and gain confidence for interviews.

Interplay’s Advanced Spokesperson Skills course, intended for participants who have taken basic media training or have experience in giving media interviews, focuses on technique. The session is heavily interactive: participants will be encouraged to discuss their own ideas, experiences and outcomes.

A full day of practice focuses on settings such as the stand-up interview, double-enders, interviews conducted by phone and e-mail, and formal news conferences.

Our trainers address the full range of reporters’ devices, including difficult questions, traps, and aggressive approaches. We help participants refine their techniques to guide their interviews to a positive outcome.

We start with a short review of message development and interview-management techniques. Then it's all about interviews, using techniques such as trap questions and sustained, forthright interviewing to simulate a genuine and difficult media encounter. Participants review and critique video recordings of their performances to identify areas for improvement. Through subsequent interview rounds, they overcome obstacles and steadily improve their performance.

We adapt the interview formats to participants’ specific needs -- the technical background briefing, a five-minute live interview on tv, or even a scrum of reporters. Participants experience situations that simulate their real-life experience as much as possible.

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